Fishing Reports


We are excited for a new year.  Our snow this year is much better than last year but we need more.  Hopefully more is on the way this week.  Now is the time to start planning the trips in early spring and summer.  Call 719-376-5660 and let us get you set up for a great time.  Hope to see all the old faces and a bunch of new ones this year.  Blankenship's


The flows on the Conejos have really come down this week making for some excellent conditions on the Conejos. We have seen a large number of adult salmon flies from Magote up to Spectacle Lake Campground. Also lots of Caddis, Gray Drakes and a few Golden Stones. The hatch's have been great.


Fishing conditions on the Conejos are just about right. We are seeing lots of Adult Salmon Flies in the lower river around Magote and Aspen Glade Campgrounds. Yesterday the Caddis hatch around Magote was huge. Lots of fish on caddis nymph patterns and 14 to 18 hare ears. A few fish on the edges with dry flies. Fish still eating drake nymphs., golden stone nymph patersn, 16 to 18 Baetis nymphs and emergers.


The streamflows have moved up over the last few nights with the flow at Magote being 500 cfs. The release from the dam is 135 cfs. We should continue to see good conditions for the next few weeks before max runofff begins. My guess around May 20th. 

The Conejos has some color this morning but clarity was not bad. Down lower on the river I would still be fishing stonefly nymphs, worm patters, baetis nymphs and emergers, and midges. Fishing below Platoro with midges, flossy worms and baetis nymphs and emergers. 

Now is the time to get in some fishing before runoff so if you need any help or need a place to stay give us a call at 719-376-5660.


Superfly teams are set and follow link to see.  Looking forward to a fun weekend.


Hello and welcome to springtime on the Conejos River. The stream flows have bumped up over the last couple days and the fishing has been great. If you are looking to get out now would work! Browns are eating Pat's Rubber Legs, 20 Inchers, Salvations, Jig Assasin's, Crane Fly Larva, Baetis nymphs, and midges. The lower gate up to Platoro is closed so no access to the upper river. I will update again when the gates are opened.

We are excited to announce some new vendors to the shop including Galvan Reels and Blackstrap. We have lots of new fly patterns and are getting new inventory daily. I have just stocked the Solitude Fly order along with Dreancast. The Umpqua flies will arrive next week.


We still have a few openings for the Conejos Superfly on April 13, 14 & 15th. The cost is $500 per team so if you are interested give me a call at the shop. I want to thank Canon Bonito RV park, Rainbow Trout Ranch, Elk Meadow Ranch, Riffle Water, Stone Meadow Ranch for the use of water for the Superfly. Patagonia, Umpqua, Dreamcast, Fishpond, Simms, Smith Sunglasses, Rio, Sage and Scott Fly Rods for supporting the Superfly. The money we help raise for the San Luis Valley chapter of Trout Unlimited will again support stream projects on the Conejos by the USFS and Colorado Parks and Wildlife.


Happy New Year from Conejos River Anglers.  The 2018 Superfly is April 13th - 15th.  Details are on this page under news event information is also on our Facebook page.  We sure can't wait to see everyone again this year.  Its never to early to plan your trips for this season and we have people already booking the prime June thru August dates.  Call Pat to get your bookings started


We continue to have good fishing on the Conejos and the Los Pinos. Up below Platoro, in the meadows, we are fishing with flossy worms, sniper baetis, BWO emergers, black rojo midges and  vc midges. On the surface, hoppers, Mahoganeys and BWOs  have beed working. In the pocket water, above the South Fork up to the meadow hopper dropper rigs are a good bet. Fish hare's ears, purple salvations, BWO nymphs and emergers. On the lower Conejos nymphing with Pat's rubber legs, tung. 20 inchers, tungstones trailing tung torpedos, tung pmd, darth baetis, anato-mays, sniper baetis and rainbow warriors. The fishing on the Los Pinos has been good as well with hopper droppers, purple para-wulffs.


Fishing Report  The river is setting up for a great dry season.  The water is coming down and the guides

have been waiting and the wait is over.  Stoneflies have appeared.  This weekend should be great.   Call now 719-376-5660 to book guides.  Don't miss this chance.


Fishing Report Lower river, high flows, we were catching em with stoneflies and worm patterns fished deep, upper river, flows are up and down, worm patterns and baetis

4/10/2017 Well the Superfly 2017 has come and gone. Like to congratulate Jason Tolliver and Matt Sanford for winning the Amateur championship.  The weather was great one day, ok the next and awful on Sunday.  A great time was had by all.  The fishing has been pretty good with typical patterns for this time of year.  We have 25% off on guide trips taken before May 21st 2017.


Welcome to the Spring on the Conejos River.  We have been out several times over the past week and have had a lot of fun.  Fishing is good.  Check out our facebook page to see all the fish that have been caught!  We are running a special of 25% off all guided trips taken now thru May 21st.  Call Pat at 719-376-5660.


Happy New Year from Conejos River Anglers.  The 2017 Superfly is April 7th - 9th.  Details are on this page under news.  We sure can't wait to see everyone again this year.  Its never to early to plan your trips for this season and we have people already booking the prime June thru August dates.  Call Pat to get your bookings started.  


Time has sure gotten away from me. The Browns are spawning on the Conejos as Fall is in full swing. I want to thank all of you tha have stopped in the store to help us have a great year. We still have a few weeks of fishing left this season. If you are thinking of coming up give me a call. We have cabins and guide available through October. We have been catching nice fish this weekend and should have some nice fishing conditions this month. Fish are eating BWO nymphs and emerger as well as stonefly nymphs on the lower river. I have a few pairs of rental waders for sale for $100 dollars so give me if you are interested. 




It been a busy few weeks here at the shop. I want to thank everyone that has stopped by the flyshop  and bought flies and taken guide trips. The fishing has continued to be very productive. I was out this morning and the lower river was still pretty buggy. We caught several fish on royal stimmies as a Pine Moth Hatch was underway. The lower river has begun to transition back to small stoneflie nymphs and baetis nymphs. The river from the south fork up to Platoro has been fishing very good. We are seeing golden stones and several types of mayflies. The Green Drakes have been a little elusive as the hatch moved up river. They seem to be hatching late in the day so evening fishing in the meadow has been good. Give us a call or stop by if we can help picking out some bugs.




The Conejos is fishing good. The lower river is really buggy with Mayflies, Caddis and stoneflies. The window for dries has been narrow in the early morning but this will improve drastically this week. The meadow fished well today with midges, wire worms, bwo nymphs and rainbow warriors. We should start seeing better mayfly hatches in the meadow soon. If you have waited to fish the Los Pinos don't wait any longer. If we can help with guides, cabin rentals give us a call.




Well it's about time I give a little update on the river conditions. It looks like the peak runoff occurred the first of last week. We will continue to see the Conejos slowly drop through the summer. Each day the water clarity will slowly improve as the flow slowly come down over the next couple weeks. Wading will be limited to the edges until the flow comes down to 400 cfs at Mogote around the first of July. The big stoneflies are just about to start flying later this week. Big stimulator will be the on the menu. The meadow section below Platoro is fishing great. Baetis emeger and nymphs have been the go to patterns but will see better surface action anytime now. The Los Pinos is quickly coming into shape.  We've had great trips on the Los Pinos and the La Jara.  Stop by and pick up some of the new patterns we have in the shop.  Call now for guide trips as the best dry fly season is starting soon.  Thanks


Well it's time to get fishing on the Conejos RIver. We are looking at normal runoff conditions. The flow out of Platoto reseroir is at 430 cfs and the flow at Magote is at 1340 cfs. Tom took Bob Fulgham from Amarillo today and fished on Riffle Water this morning and hooked 20 plus and land 15 and then fished at Magote Campground and then ran up to the meadow below Platoro and landed fish there as well. Fish on blood red worms, 2 tone worms, wine worms and golden stones. The fishing should only improve as the flows start ot slowly come down. If you are planning a trip give me a call at the shop. 



I spent a couple hours on the Conejos yesterday with Brent and I watched him land 10 browns mostly on Baetis nymphs and stoneflys. There has been Baetis coming off the last week. I saw a few takin off the surface. If you are looking for some great river and weather conditions the next 2 weeks should the ticket. Give us a call at the shop if you need more information.








Superfly 2016 Wrap-up

What a great weekend we had for fishing, socializing and relaxing.  We want to thank everyone who came out for the tournament. 

1st Place- Marcos Silva and Ron Sedall

2nd Place- Scott Davis and Dan Castellano

3rd Place- Eric Troudt and Brian Moran

4th Place- Jason Tolliver and Matt Sanford

5th Place- Chris Galvin and Jeremy Sides

6th Place – Randy Keys and Cahlen Keys

We hope everyone had a great time and hope to see you again this summer and of course next year at the Superfly!



We are getting ready for another spring on the Conejos River. I have posted the teams and dates for the 2016 Superfly below. Let me know if you have any questions. We will meet at the shop each morning around 7:30 and draw beats. Fishing will be from 9 am to 4:30 pm each day.

Friday Teams                    

Team     Fisherman 1       Fisherman 2

5              Matt McCall        Jim Griego

4              Pat Blankenship                John Sanford

7              Jimmy Flores      Robert W  Lewis

1              Matt Sanford     Jason Tolliver

11           Alfred Lewis       Brett Walton

10           Dan Gomez        Jamie Marrufo

19           Eric Troudt          Brian Moran

6              Dave Romero    Stan Quintana

12           Kevin Troudt      Nichalas Troudt

8              Kevin Terry         Ben McGee

14           Mike Prime         Mark Miller

25           Eric Gurule          Christopher Gurule

26           JP Martinez        Brent Durrer

27           Rod Ruybilad      Dad Ruybilad

29           Mark Sawyer     Ron Kless

13           Scott Davis          R. Dan Castellano

32           Marcos Silva       Ron Sedall


Saturday Teams                               

Team     Fisherman 1       Fisherman 2

30           Tom Meir            Dan Cordova

2              Kyle Beasley       Andy Ray

3              Derik Drinnen    Craig Rhamy

16           Vance Dewbre  Lowell Dickinson

21           Sy Slover              Shane Slover

18           Chris Galvin        Jeremy Sides

22           Greg Slover        Seth Slover

9              Brooks Gentry   April Gentry

15           Kyle Sandusky   Roy Davis

17           Doug Hollingshead          Manuel Tarango

20           Geoff Johnson  Deacon Aspinwall

23           Kevin Kuper       Jack Cassidy

24           Gavin Sheets     Stephanie Money

28           Josh Curtis          Isaac Dean

31           Randy Keys         Cahlen Keys




 Well summer is coming to an end and we are looking forward to a nice fall season. We have been fishing tungsten twenty inchers, small prince, patty's, midges and baetis patterns down on the lower river between Magote campground and Menkhaven. The pocket water has been good on many patterns from hopper dropper rigs, annelids, baetis nymphs, hippy stompers, black midges and chartreuse jujubee midges. The meadow has been good on royal stimmies, small caddis, rusty spinners, baetis and small midge nynphs. We have had great guide trips on private water the last 2 weeks as well. GIve us a call and get us to help you this fall. Many of the pictures on our facebook page have come from the private ranches. All of the fish are from the Conejos River.





We have had a nice summer with good stream flows and the river fishing well. We have continued to fish from the confluent with the South Fork of the Conejos to the Platoro reservoir. Hoppers, wire worms small red and brown annelids, baettis nymphs, RS2 patterns and midges. The release from Platoro is at 135 cfs this morning. We had a several great trips this week on the upper tributaries. Mostly on dry flies and dry dropper rigs. 

I want to thank all the people that have taken guides this month and enccourage anyone that is thinking about heading over to the Conejos to give us a call and setup a guided trip to help make you time more productive. We will also be running some specials in the store for those using our guide service so check with me before you come to see what we can do to save you some money on some new packs, bags, waders, boots and everything else we have in stock.

We have kept Randy,KK,Tom and Scott busy this summer but have several open dates in September and October so give us a call and book a trip or reserve a cabin. It should be a great fall season on the Conejos.






The river above the South Fork has been fishing well. The meadow below Platora yesterday on fire with Drakes, Adams superflys and BWO patterns from mid morning until mid afternoon. The pocket water has been mostly dries as well. If you want to catch fish on the surface I'd come up. 

We have several open dates for cabins and guide over the next couple weeks so give us a call and we can help you get setup.




The Drakes,PMD's are hatching.  Mayflies are still out.  Fishing has been strong all week on the Conejos and the tributaries.  Flows are lower.  


The Conejos has turned buggy! We have seen lots of mayflies and fish eating them in the morning the last week. WE should start to see some drakes any day now.



The water level in the rivers here are slowly coming down. We have been out on the Conejos up below Platoro almost daily for the last few weeks and the fishing has been very good. The last few days we have been fishing red and natural squirmy worm, red wire worms, BWO nymphs and emergers. Down river towards the fly water the fish are eating golden stone, baetis and caddis nymphs.  I know the higher water levels have many of you worried about the fishing but it has been good. Please give us a call at the shop if we can help with a cabin or set you up with a guide.




We continue to have good fishing conditions here from Mogote to Platoro. The river flow has come down to around 800 cfs at Mogote Campground and is clearing. We are seeing some fish looking up and taking some big stone pat5terns on the surface. This should continue to get better this week as the hatch moves up into the fly only water. Most fish being taken on golden stone nymphs, baetis nymphs and worm patterns. We have several patterns at the store so drop by on your way to the river and we will help pick out some for you. The meadow below Platoro has fished well on red midges, floss worms and baetis emerger patterns. If you are wanting to get in on the Salmon flies now is the time to hit the water. 



Fish caught this morning at Magote Campground on pink squirmy worms, Grape squirmies and tungston stonebombs! Go to our facebook page and look at the pictures. Take a look closely at the water!



The Conejos is in full runoff! The waters below Platora Resevoir are fishing good with floss worms, chrironomids and baetis nymphs, The lower river is high and dirty but the fish are happy and on the edges crushing stoneflys, g-strings and squirmy worms and Salvation patterns. Don't let the high water keep you off the river. The water level should start to drop and clear over the next week. We have seen adult salmon flies down at the shop the last couple days and the hatch should be in full swing in a week down low and moving up river. 

Give us a call or stop by the shop and we will try to get you hooked up with flys and any gear for your next trip.




I hope everyone is having a great Holiday weekend. The water flows on the Conejos have provided for some good fishing. Jason Tolliver and Bob Lewis came up for the weekend and caught fish from the fly water up to Platoro reservoir. Check out our facebook page for some pics. The release from the reservoir is ar 125 cfs and the fishing should be good at that level through the week. If you have put off plans to come fish give us a call and get to the Conejos. 

If you are planning to book a guide for the summer now is the time to make your reservations. We have spots available but some dates are already booked full. 

Stone Bombs, golden stones, pink g-strings, wire worms and squirmy worms have been great this weekend. We should see runoff kick into gear soon so if you can come to the river don't miss out on the last of the pre-runoff on the Conejos River.


The Conejos River is running at 573 at Mogote this morning. The water is a litle dirty but the fishing has been good. We caught several nice browns yesterday on the edges with pink squirmies and g-strings with a red midge dropper. Big dark rubber legs, tungston stones also produced nice fish. We also fished a little at Riffle Water yesteday afternoon and caught some nice browns and rainbows. GIve us a call and we can help you have a good day during these early runoff conditions. We should see the river bump up higher in the next couple weeks so now is the time to get in some fishing. 


We are seeing some rising fish! BWO are coming off and we have been able to catch a few on dries. Small mayfly nymphs, copper johns, salvations, golden stone nymphs and dark midge patterns are catching some nice browns, The river is still pre-runoff and is nice and clear. We have access to some private water for guide trips this spring that is fishing great. Give us a call and we can help make your trip a success.


Fishing has been good on the Conejos.  Nymphing is the preferred method at this time of the season.  Large Stonefly patterns and small nymphs or squishy worm pattern has been the best.  Come by the shop or call and schedule your guide trip today.  Follow the flow reports on our local waters page.


The river flows should remain steady untul this weekend when we will see the flows start to increase with the warmer weather expected over the weekend. We have continued to have success nymphing with  pat's ribber legs in golden to black colors, golden stone nymphs, worm patterns, HDA fav nymphs, size 12 here's ears, size 14 purple pheasant tails.